Wedding Fair – Destination For Inspiration 

This year I have been a part of salon Solid Hair staff and made some beautiful pictures to their hair styling and make-up album. Of course I have had a lot of fun to capture moments and detais. So many beautiful dresses which you can see in my photos on cat walk. Many abundance of ideas to personalise & create special wedding day. I’m sure I will use some of it for my own wedding one day:)

Getting inspiration…

I’m amazed by the Yayoi Kusama and David Altmejd exhibition in Louisiana modern art museum. There was as well an exhibition of one Lithuanian artist Mindaugas Lukosaitis, what pleasantly surprised me. Kusama and her dotted colorful world is unusually fascinating. These artist are really thinking out of the box and that is really inspiring!

Collaboration with music creator dj Sev Dah

I could say it is kind of visual art and music collaboration. Dj Sev Dah was performing gig in one Mamlö nightlife club called ”Babel” meanwhile I was photographing his performance. This place is quite special, because once it was a church. Now is everything ready for dance!

New Year new Challenges

New Year has begun and I continue to work creatively. I haven’t even tried yoga before I did a project för Vladica who has training courses in Kundalini Yoga in Studio Pålsjö. The idea was to show ”Reflection of communion with the Earth” in photos. Look at the result and decide if we managed it! 😉 And of course I have tried Kundalini Yoga and I can say that this is completely different from my casual training :) But I like it and recommend to try it to you as well.

Wedding is always a special day

Last years wedding season was closed with one beautiful couple in love. The ceremony was in amazingly beautiful Oscar Fredrik Church in Gothenburg. I got to share some special moments with all of you. Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe which makes us to do many crazy things and makes happy. Love and be loved…


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Student graduation party

This was an a very special day to Alexander with many guest, presents and good mood. There was many smiles, handshakes, hugs and alot more that I captured in the photos and which will keep the vivid memories of his day.

Summer Festival

Lithuanian community of Skåne invited all to the summer festival. We had the opportunity to see and hear as many as three concerts. In the afternoon the children and parents had a concert and played the game ”Playing a song!” with the singer Laura Remeikiene. Together sang, played and danced her daughter Jore and beloved children’s character ”Pimpačkiukas”. The most active participants of the concert was richly rewarded with various prizes directly from Laura’s hands.
The concert for adults began with Laura and the bands live concert. Later audience saw energinguosius Irena Starosaite and Zilvinas Zvagulis. Romantic spirit was changed into energetic songs and dance movements. I hade a very good time not only to photograph, but also to listen music and see the happy faces :)

Project – Model For A Day

I started to collaborate with the project Model for a day and these pictures are taken in a studio in the center of Helsingborg. It work’s so that you buy a package that includes hairstyling, makeup and photoshoot. This girl got it as a gift and became the model for a day. More photos and all the information you can see on
Hair styling, make-up – Solid Hair AB (

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